Ben Garrod

Ben is an evolutionary biologist and great ape conservationist with an MSc in Wild Animal Biology from the Royal Veterinary College. He is currently writing his PhD looking at monkey evolution on tropical islands, titled ‘Primates of the Caribbean’ with University College London and the Zoological Society of London.

In addition to his role as Teaching Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University, he has presented a number of television programmes, including Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur with Sir David Attenborough on BBC One, several One Show films on everything from ghost dogs to his own facial reconstruction, in addition to his own award-winning six-part BBC Four series Secrets of Bones.

Ben grew up on coastal Norfolk and still likes nothing better than to get out on the beaches there to see which species (both dead and alive) he can find. He now lives in Bristol where despite not being allowed pets in his flat, he lives with Lola, an articulated howler monkey skeleton.

“I grew up by the sea and could hear the waves from my bedroom window. Like anyone who has been fortunate enough to spend any time near the coast, I have a deep and complicated love for the sea. It’s this mysterious realm, fuelling our imaginations and refreshing our minds. I feel as though I know the sea so well but at the same time have no idea about the secrets it may hold. Every day it’s the same but different, where even one little stretch of coast can change across the seasons, across the days and even across the hours. I’ve worked and played in marine habitats around the world but love our coastline the most - from iconic basking sharks and immense fin whales to dazzling sea mice and charismatic little masked crabs, there is always something to see and discover. Our seas are some of our most ferocious and inhospitable habitats but are teaming with life and more fragile than you can imagine. For giving us so much, we should do all we can to ensure they continue to flourish.” Ben Garrod

Ben Garrod

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