How your money helps

how your money helps

Where your money goes

Like most charities, MCS relies on generous donations from our supporters. We ensure we spend your money carefully to achieve the maximum impact for conservation whilst staying competitive within the ever growing charity sector.

how your money helps

79% of funds are spent on conservation programmes, marine education and campaign communications to ensure that the message of conservation is reaching far and wide.

21% of funds are spent on fundraising and membership recruitment to ensure that we can continue the effective and impactful conservation work that we do.

For further information, here is our latest Annual report and review.

How you can support MCS

There are many ways for you to support MCS, from volunteering at a beach clean to becoming a member. Click a link below to explore how you could help our vital conservation work.

Actions you can take

  1. Download the Great British Beach Clean Report 2018
  2. Join a beach clean
  3. Read our annual reports and reviews
  4. Visit the beachwatch website
  5. Join MCS for as little as £3.50 per month
  6. Open our Strategy 2017 - 2027 .pdf
  7. Organise a beach clean
  8. Explore the 'How you can help' section of our website

Did you know?…

It’s estimated that one rubbish truck load of plastic litter enters the ocean every minute

To date, our beach cleans have removed over 11 million pieces of litter

Since the carrier bag charge came in across the UK, the Great British Beach Clean has recorded almost 50% fewer bags on beaches

Why not join a beach clean ... or organise one?

To date, our beach clean volunteers have removed 6 million pieces of litter from our beaches and collected marine litter data to support our campaigns for cleaner seas and beaches.

Learn more and join a beach clean