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Marine Litter Action Network

Litter gets into the environment in many different ways, and there is no single solution to end it.

The Marine Litter Action Network (MLAN) was established in June 2014 to bring together people and their organisations from across different sectors to tackle the issue of marine litter.

We set ourselves an initial challenge a year to make a difference

Through its members, MLAN has a potential reach of over 1.7 million individuals, 38 thousand volunteers and over 11 thousand companies, groups and organizations.

Members came together  in June 2015 to celebrate our achievements thus far, see our short film below and our write up of the day can be read here.

Read the full report of our achievements over the year.

The following projects have been developing and taken forward during the past year:

  • Scrub It Out, encouraging companies to remove micro plastics from personal care product (MCS, with Fauna and Flora International)

  • A fishing gear working group (led by World Animal Protection)

  • A "sewage related debris in early education project" in Fife (MCS with Keep Scotland Beautiful and Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, funded by Zero Waste Scotland) leading to the development of the Cool Seas Investigators - Unflushables project

  • Gathering evidence for sources of litter (led by Thames 21 using the Thames as a case study)

  • Unflushables water companies have been talking with businesses to see if there are ways they can help customers understand why baby and face wipes should not make their way down the toilet (Water UK)

  • Cafe Accreditation Scheme (Eunomia)

  • Transforming Ocean Plastics into textiles (Riz Boardshorts)

To see all MLAN resources and principles, click here.

We are delighted that members wish MLAN to continue so if you or your organisation feel you can add value and are interested in being part of the solution then please contact for further details on how to join.

There are plenty of ways your business can cut down on single use plastics and avoid waste in general. MCS is developing a '10 point action plan' to help you achieve your waste reducing goals. If you'd like to hear more, please register your interest below.

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