Community presenters FAQs

If you've got questions about being an Ocean Voice presenter, we've got the answers.

About the talks

Booking a talk

Step 1: An 'organiser' from a community group completes an enquiry form on the website

Step 2: The enquiry is cross referenced against our volunteer database for a match to a presenter

Step 3: A presenter is contacted by the Marine Conservation Society to check availability against the request.

Step 4: Presenter availability is confirmed, and the enquiry form details are sent to the presenter.

Step 5: The presenter contacts the organiser to finalise details such as date, time, facilities etc (and creates a zoom link for sharing if it's an online presentation).

Book a talk

Credit: Billy Barraclough

Step 6: The presenter delivers the talk and, after the talk, emails the organiser with a follow-up message, like this one found in the resources, which includes the feedback form. The presenter then completes an activity record which helps us to track public engagement so we can celebrate volunteer support and report to funders.

Additional information

The community talks information page invites organisers to make a donation to say ‘Thank you’ for the talk.

If you're asked about donations, you can direct people to the donation webpage. If they want to pay by BACs they can contact us for the details. Cheques, made payable to the 'Marine Conservation Society', can also be posted to the address on this page.

If you have any advice or feedback about your experience, please share it with us here