Applying treatments on reefs affected by SCTLD

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There are many different ways to support us whether you’re at the beach or at your kitchen table. Whatever your skills, experience and time we have something for everyone. The more of us who join together as the voice of our ocean – the louder we will be.

Justine Millard

Seasearch diving

Applying treatments on reefs afected by SCTLD

Credit: David Gallardo

If you’re a diver – you could help track the health of our ocean by becoming a Seasearch diver. Our network around the country record thousands of habitats and species.

Discover the world of our Seasearch divers

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Clothes in a washing machine Werayuth Tes

Our campaigns highlight issues which need urgent attention or action

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We campaign for a cleaner, better protected ocean. Get involved with our latest actions and join us in our fight to save our seas.

Explore our current campaigns and help us to fight for the future of our seas

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Education activities

Ashbrooke House School students partaking in Cool Seas Clean Up Ali Naulls

Credit: Alistair Naulls

Our team can train and support you to run education activities in your local schools.

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Take action on microplastics

Microplastic waste on beach in Cornwall Richard Harrington

Microplastic waste on beach in Cornwall

Credit: Richard Harrington

Microplastics pose a big threat to marine ecosystems and human health. There are lots of ways to get involved and help tackle this global issue.

Find out how to take action on micorplastics

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