Our ocean may appear vast but our devastating human footprint is found everywhere, with plastic found in the deepest ocean and your local beach.

Single-use plastics

Our Beachwatch data shows thousands of single-use plastic items are found on our UK beaches each year. We must ditch our single-use addiction – we cannot recycle our way out of the current plastics crisis. And we cannot replace plastic with another single use material.

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Microplastics are bits of plastic less than 5mm in size. From body scrubs to exfoliating face washes, these products are marketed as being essential for beautiful looking skin. What they don't market is how the microplastics in these bathroom products end up in our ocean and harm marine life.

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Wet wipes

Wet wipes might be "convenient" for us to use, but they're certainly not convenient for the ocean, which is where a lot of wet wipes end up when they're mistakenly flushed down the toilet. We want UK governments to make it a legal requirement for products labelled as flushable to pass the ‘Fine to Flush' standard and to ban single use plastic wipes.

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