Kayak Challenge, Scilly, Nick Arding

Take a sea kayak around the Isles of Scilly and experience stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife. Our highly experienced guides will make it a safe and unforgettable fundraising adventure.

About the challenge

Sea kayaking is an amazing way to travel. In a 17-ft-long boat, you’ll paddle through the water at a leisurely 4 knots, taking everything in. Crossing bays and rounding headlands, your kayak will allow you to explore caves, gullies and archways like no other craft can do. Sea birds and seals will join you as you become one with your breathtaking surroundings. And with no engine, the effect on the environment is minimal.

2023 challenge

Date: 12-17 June 2023
Location: Isles of Scilly
Group size: 12 (maximum)
Accommodation: Camping
Cost: £ 1,099

Please make sure you've read and understood the terms and conditions before signing up.

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Funding your challenge

You can fund your challenge in one of two ways, by paying a deposit of £250 and:

  • pledging to fundraise the balance by a set date
  • paying the balance by a set date


If your application is successful, we will request a registration deposit of £250 per person which must be paid and received by us within 7 working days of you receiving the offer of a place in this event. If the fee is not received, you will forfeit your place. If you have any concerns or issues about this deposit, please contact us to discuss in more detail.

  • If you are self-funding your place in this event you will be required to pay the full balance no later than 2 calendar months before your Event Departure Date.
  • If you are raising sponsorship to fund your place in this event, a minimum £650 of your fundraising pledge plus your £250 deposit must be received by the charity by at least 49 days before your Event Departure Date.

*If you are fundraising online, we highly recommend Justgiving, who will send all donations directly to the Marine Conservation Society. Please send cheques to our registered office:

Marine Conservation Society
Overross House
Ross Park
Ross on Wye

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