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Fundraising is a great way to take action, get stuck in and make a difference for our seas.

Whether you get involved on your own or with your school or group, fundraising is a brilliant way to improve and protect our marine environment and raise awareness of the issues it faces.

As a charity, our work relies on generous donations and fundraising from people just like you. All money raised for the Marine Conservation Society is used to protect our seas and the amazing wildlife that lives beneath the waves.

Visit our fundraising page to see how you can get involved in the fight to save our seas.

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Big Blue Day

Organising a Big Blue Day with your school, group or community is one fun way to raise money and awareness for our ocean.

You could ask students and teachers to donate a couple of pennies or pounds to wear blue clothes for the day, bake and sell blue cakes at school, or take part in a whole host of other 'blue' activities. Check out our Big Blue Day fundraising page for more information.

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Plastic Challenge

Or maybe you’ll join our annual Plastic Challenge in July, getting sponsorship to give up single-use plastics for a day, week or even the month. Why not get your school involved and run a Source to Sea Litter Quest to find out how much plastic is finding its way into the environment? Or perhaps you have another idea of your own!

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Case studies

See how others have found creative ways to raise money and awareness...

Brooke, 13

Brooke's parents challenged her to raise the money she needed to buy herself a laptop to use at school. On her grandma’s recommendation, she started a sushi business making homemade sushi for friends and family.

She thought it would take her 9 months to raise the £1200 she needed, but her business took off! Brooke reached her target in just two months, and decided to donate 10% of her profits to us. Following all her success, Brooke is taking a well-earned break and is planning to reopen in the summer to raise more funds.

Have a great business idea like Brooke? Let us know how you get on!

Starting my sushi business has enabled me to educate people about sustainably sourcing fish, but fundraise for charity by giving 10% of my profits to the Marine Conservation Society so they can continue to do great work.


Martim, 8

Since January 2020, Martim has been coming up with creative ways to raise money for us.

He started by asking for donations instead of gifts for his birthday and hosting his party at the Blue Reef Aquarium, raising a brilliant £150. He then raised a further £300 with his big brother Lucas (9) drawing 26 sea creatures for the 2.6 Challenge and walking a whopping 25 miles each!

Martim has long been passionate about the ocean and marine life, and one day wants to become a marine biologist. If you've been doing some ocean-friendly fundraising, get in touch to keep us updated!

Martim Sandhu Young Fundraiser

Credit: Claudia Oliveira