Make your next company away day an outdoor activity that’s brilliant for bonding and even better for the environment. Volunteering your time could start a ripple effect that continues to make change happen.

Marine litter is not only unsightly and dangerous to humans, it also poses a serious threat to any wildlife that gets tangled in it or eats it.

By doing a beach clean and litter survey, you’ll take part in the most influential fight against marine litter in the UK. Our team uses the information gathered by volunteers to establish where litter has come from and how it can be tackled at source.

Cully and Sully, Hove - Billy Barraclough

Getting down to business with the beach litter survey.

Credit: Billy Barraclough

What’s included?

The day is focussed on a beach clean and litter survey and will be led by a member of our Engagement team to ensure your event is educational, enlightening and inspiring.

We organise everything – choosing a suitable beach, checking for facilities, getting the required permissions, determining the litter pick-up point, and providing a timetable that fits around the tide times. We tailor the day towards the needs of your group.

We also provide:

  • All the equipment needed, including litter pickers, survey forms, first aid kits, bin bags, sharps boxes and tabards
  • Posters to advertise your event to your staff and customers
  • Optional extra activities, like the litter timeline game, quizzes and treasure hunts
  • A health and safety briefing on the day
  • Public liability insurance
Cully and Sully, Hove - Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

Costs are based on the number of people attending, with a minimum fee of £750+vat.

Please get in touch to discuss requirements and quotes by emailing [email protected] or by contacting our corporate partnerships team using the form linked below.

See you on the beach!