Fishing boat leaves Abercastle harbour Wales Daniel Morris

Our Welsh seas are facing a crisis due to climate change, plastic pollution, unsustainable fishing practices and inadequate protection.

Member of the Senedd, sign this pledge to protect our Welsh seas

Our ocean is one of our most valuable natural assets, helping us to fight the climate crisis while offering social, economic and health benefits to us all.

As a decision maker and representative of the public, I recognise that I have a key role to play in ensuring that our seas will be healthy for generations to come.

I, Member of the Senedd, pledge to support an ocean recovery over the Senedd’s sixth term by:

Calling for a renewed commitment of Government policy to prioritise well managed seas for the benefit of all 

By providing us with low-carbon forms of protein, tourism and recreational opportunities, renewable energy and carbon sequestration, our seas hold great economic and climate recovery potential. To help them help us, we need to ensure that both wider seas and marine protected areas are well-managed, balancing economic development with space for nature and climate change mitigation.

Working together with my Welsh Government colleagues to tackle Wales’ problem with marine litter

Each item of plastic that enters our seas could stay there for hundreds of years, posing a threat to their overall health. To turn the tide on Wales’ plastic problem, we need an approach that goes beyond recycling and tackles problematic items at the source.

Encouraging the development of sustainable fisheries in Wales to secure a bright future for all of those who depend on the sea

To ensure the long-term viability of our fishing industry and ocean wildlife, we need to move away from fishing practices that result in bycatch and/or damage to the seabed, and seek sustainable alternatives. To achieve this, we need fully documented fisheries and future fisheries policies for Wales that are both climate-smart and environmentally-friendly.

The task ahead is a great one; but together we can save Welsh seas.

Sign this pledge to protect our Welsh seas

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