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Applying treatments on reefs afected by SCTLD

Together, we are the sea change

We're demanding that the ocean is on the agenda as a vital part of the urgent action to tackle climate change during the COP26 talks in Glasgow.

Applying treatments on reefs afected by SCTLD

Together, we are the sea change

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We rely on the ocean and the life it contains as our life support system; for every other breath we take, and to absorb and store dangerous greenhouse gases.

The ocean can play a pivotal role in combatting the climate crisis. That's why we attended COP26 - to ensure that urgent action for our ocean is on the agenda.

At COP26 we fought to ensure that those in power #ListenToTheOcean and recognise that without urgent work to protect and restore our seas we're losing our best chance to tackle the climate emergency.

When the ocean suffers, so do we.

We're destroying our marine life support system

In the UK, we have destroyed 90% of our seagrass beds. These important plants, once common around our shores, absorb carbon faster than the rainforests.

Other carbon-storing habitats, like saltmarshes and native oyster beds, are being destroyed at alarming rates.

Meanwhile, we pollute our ocean with plastic and man-made chemicals. This is one of the five key drivers of the current biodiversity crisis.

Plastic and chemical pollution is affecting our marine wildlife, from their metabolic rates, to their reproduction and survival all of which impacts our ocean’s carbon cycle. At the same time, plastics are made from oil and gas and so their production adds to carbon emissions.

Please support our appeal and help us fight for our future

Our work focuses on protecting and restoring our seas as an essential tool to tackle climate change. We know that the ocean has an important role to play and our research, policy work, action and extensive volunteer network is crucial to spread that message.

But we need vital funds for this work, and all the other work we do. Right now, our ocean needs your support more than ever.