COP26: our call for urgent ocean action

As global leaders meet at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, we need all governments to recognise that a healthy ocean is vital in the fight against climate change. Protecting and rewilding our marine environment must be a priority for the planet. Together we can make it happen.

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Enough talk, help us demand climate action

Join our call for the UK Government to protect, restore and invest in our ocean and the wildlife that live there. We must #ListenToTheOcean and take action for future generations.

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What we want from COP26

The ocean covers more than 70% of the surface of the planet and holds 97% of all water on Earth. It's impossible to ignore, so how is it being overlooked as critical to fighting the climate crisis?

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Support our call for urgent ocean action

We're demanding that the ocean is on the agenda as a vital part of the urgent action to tackle climate change during the COP26 talks in Glasgow.

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We must invest in ocean-based climate solutions

Our planet is facing a climate emergency, and time is running out to reverse the terrible damage that we’re doing to the natural world. It’s time to invest in the ocean to fight the climate crisis.

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How plastic and chemical pollution contribute to the climate crisis

It's a common misconception that marine pollution and the climate crisis are completely separate issues – but they're actually fundamentally linked. We must move from a single-use society to a circular economy that's free from harmful chemicals if we want to protect the planet.

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Tune in for our inspirational COP26 event

Through films, visuals and panel discussions, we'll be highlighting how our ocean offers humanity's best hope to fight and adapt to climate change.

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What on earth is blue carbon? Take our quiz to find out

What on earth is blue carbon and why does it matter? Test your environmental knowledge in our blue carbon quiz and find out if you're an expert or a beginner when it comes to protecting our seas.

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Blue Carbon Champions event in Parliament

This year the UK government has a unique window of opportunity to back ocean-based solutions to the climate crisis. Our event was the first opportunity for the group of ‘Blue Carbon Champions’ to meet and work together to create a programme of ocean action.

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A wake-up call from the ocean

With just a week to go until COP26 begins in Glasgow we're sending politicians a wake-up call from the ocean.

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Join the Wave of Hope campaign

We're supporting the 'Wave of Hope' campaign to fight for climate justice and a cleaner, healthier ocean. Why not join the wave yourself – the more people speaking up for the ocean, the more the wave will build.

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Crossing the ocean – connecting young voices for COP26

We've been working with young people to explore why a healthy ocean is vital in the fight against climate change and to help them put their ideas to the Scottish Government at COP26.

Support our vital work at COP26

Take urgent action