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Equity, inclusion and diversity

We should all have equal opportunity to benefit from our ocean and to take responsibility to protect it for the future.

One ocean for everyone

Whoever and wherever we are, we share one ocean and all its wonders and benefits.

However, while some benefit greatly from everything our sea has to give, others are unfairly excluded. While some can play their part in protecting our ocean, others are unrepresented and disrespected.

At the Marine Conservation Society, we have not been doing enough to change this. We must, and will, do better. Only when all aspects of our work are fair and inclusive will we be able to fight for the future of our ocean, together, through people-powered action.

Fairness, inclusion, representation and respect are a vital part of our everyday work to protect our ocean, not an add-on. To be successful, we must make sure everyone can enjoy the benefits and fulfil their responsibilities to our ocean, so it and we can thrive.

  • As staff members we will nurture a welcoming culture where everyone can be their authentic self. We all have a responsibility to put fairness, inclusion, representation and respect at the heart of our work.
  • As an organisation we will develop a more representative and inclusive workforce and Board. Externally, we will increase the diversity of our members and supporters across all geographies and backgrounds. And we will make our projects, campaigns and events more accessible and inclusive.
  • As part of the wider environmental movement we will drive, share and learn from best practice and advocate fairness, inclusion, representation and respect in both the sector and governance of the ocean.

We have started some of this work already and know it will never be ‘done’. It is a way of living and working together, rather than a time-bound set of actions. We will follow a continuous cycle of action, reflection, learning and planning. And we will change to keep our approach current, learning from other organisations and contexts as well as our own experiences and those of others.

This statement will evolve as we move forwards. Below, we outline our starting point – our equity, inclusion and diversity plan of action.

Organisational learning 

We have…

  • established a cross-organisational working group to focus on equity, inclusion and diversity, keep up the momentum and share what we learn.
  • started participating in external groups and coalitions to improve fairness, inclusion, representation and respect in the wider sector
  • provided training to all our staff on inclusion, intersectionality and allyship

In future we will… 

  • carry out an internal audit of our current position. What are we doing well? What needs to improve? 
  • develop and implement a continued learning plan and get help from individuals and organisations with the necessary knowledge and experience to mentor and support us through our learning journey.
  • report on our organisational learning path as part of our Annual Impact Report. 

Governance and accountability 

We have… 

  • had Board-level commitment to delivering equity, inclusion and diversity goals across all aspects of our operations and appointed a Board equity, inclusion and diversity champion. 
  • established accountability and reporting responsibilities with the CEO and the Board equity, inclusion and diversity champion.
  • reviewed and updated our equality, inclusion and diversity policy.

In future we will…

  • carry out equity, inclusion and diversity impact assessments for all our policies.
  • set clear organisational equity, inclusion and diversity goals.
  • report against our organisational equity, inclusion and diversity goals in our Annual Impact Report. 

Strategy  and policy  review 

We have… 

  • asked staff to ensure equity, inclusion and diversity goals are included in all our strategy and policy development. 
  • embedded equity, inclusion and diversity as core principles within our organisational strategy

In future we will… 

  • identify a set of equity, inclusion and diversity key indicators against which we will report progress.

If you have questions about our equity, inclusion and diversity plan of action, contact [email protected]

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