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Discover the wonderful sea creatures that inhabit the UK seas and shores

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UK seas is a guide to the fauna and flora found around UK coasts. While the majority of species are marine, some species are included that are regularly encountered on land by the coast, so you’ll find descriptions of non-marine species such as reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants as well.

Acorn barnacle

Semibalanus balanoides




Small, tough animals, usually seen closed up inside the plates of its shell-like “house”, but appearing feathery when feeding in seawater.

This crustacean (a relative of crabs and lobsters) lives upside down, stuck permanently to the rock with its legs poised to catch drifting food.


Rocky shores everywhere, this widespread species may also be found on boulders and larger pebbles in sandy areas.


Strandline, Rocky shore

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