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Adopt-a-seahorse for yourself or as a gift

One of the most endearing and delicate creatures found on earth, seahorses have been around since the dinosaurs yet they could become extinct within our lifetime.

Adopt-a-seahorse today from just £4 a month and help stop seahorses vanishing forever whilst supporting our other vital work to protect our precious seas and oceans.

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Your money could go even further if you pay by Direct Debit as it helps keep our costs down.

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Your money could go even further if you pay by Direct Debit as it helps keep our costs down.

Click here if you prefer to pay a one-off amount


Seahorse adopters will receive

  • MCS E News

  • An adorable fluffy baby seahorse

  • Factsheets about seahorses around the UK

  • Quarterly Marine Conservation magazine

  • Pin badges and stickers

All proceeds go directly to the protection of seahorses and the conservation of the wider marine environment in which they live.


You can also adopt by telephone. Just call our supporter services team on 0300 3300 704.

Lines open 9-5pm Monday-Friday.

Thank you for your support

Seahorse Trust logoAdopt-a-Seahorse is jointly run by the Marine Conservation Society and The Seahorse Trust.

The Seahorse Trust is a registered charity set up in 2000 to conserve the natural world, especially seahorses and the marine environment.

More about seahorses

Short snouted sea horseTwo seahorse species are found around the British coastline—the Spiny Seahorse and the Short Snouted Seahorse—and there are more than 40 species worldwide.

Seahorses are the only species on earth in which the male falls pregnant and carries the developing young. The female transfers her eggs into a pouch on his stomach, where they are fertilised, and the pouch sealed.  The male gives birth to fully formed young about three weeks later.
Seahorses live in shallow weedy areas especially eel grass beds. In winter they move into deeper waters to escape the rough weather.

The threats to seahorses

  • Over 150 million seahorses are taken from the wild for the traditional Chinese medicine trade, for use mainly as aphrodisiacs.

  • Around one million are taken from the wild for the curio and souvenir markets.  Along with shells and starfish they are taken from the sea and left to die in the sun.

  • The pet trade takes around one million seahorses from the wild for aquaria. Most will not survive and will die in captivity.

  • Current fishing practices such as beam trawling are detrimental to seahorses.

Seahorse picture

How you can help seahorses

  • Helping to raise awareness of the critical situation facing seahorses and encouraging tourists not to buy dried seahorses as souvenirs.

  • Helping us to campaign to halt damaging fishing practices which are detrimental to the survival of seahorses.

  • Supporting volunteer divers to monitor seahorse colonies around the UK.

  • Campaigning to develop a network of Marine Conservation Zones to protect vital habitats for seahorses.

  • Campaigning to reduce litter and pollution in our seas which can have devastating impacts on seahorses and other marine wildlife

  • Your support will help us fund other essential marine conservation work in the UK.

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