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MCS campaign rally in londonThe Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. MCS champions a vision of sustainable fisheries, abundant marine life and clean seas and beaches for the enjoyment of all.

However, our wildlife is suffering, our fish stocks are dwindling and our seas and shores are being destroyed. 20 species of our marine wildlife are now considered to be in danger of global extinction, over 70% of EU fish stocks are overfished (against a global average of under 30%), and with the ever increasing appearance of plastics in our environment, marine species are being harmed or dying after ingestion. With human activity having such a detrimental effect on the state of our marine environment through over-exploitation and pollution we are at a pivotal point in how the future will pan out.

Together, we can stick up for our precious seas.

Campaigning with the Marine Conservation Society allows you to join together with others to be the voice for our seas. Collectively, we’re a force that people in power can't ignore.

There are lots of ways you can get involved, locally and nationally and we have the tools to help you make a difference in your community and beyond.

What we're doing right now

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