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Show your support for a Deposit Return System!

Would you like to be able to return used drinks cans and bottles, and be given some cash back for your trouble? Well, Deposit Return Systems (DRS) already work well in Germany, the US and some Australian states, and there’s strong support for DRS in Scotland. Let’s make this happen all over the UK!

Such a system can reduce littering, increase recycling, and change behaviour. Like the carrier bag charge, it’s a simple idea that can have an immediate effect.

wild bottle sighting logo

What you can do to help!

Next time you spot a littered plastic bottle or drinks can, be it at the beach, on the street or in a park we want to hear about it! You can now report your #wildbottlesighting on our map which will be used to raise awareness of our campaign and to highlight the issue to politicians and show why we need a Deposit Return System. If you use twitter or facebook please share your #wildbottlesighting so we can collect as many reports as possible to paint a true picture of the UK’s littered bottles and cans.

Where you are finding bottles

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Click on a bottle bottle icon above for sighting info. Report your own here

Want to do more?

If you live in England, please contact your MP now to ask them to push for a Deposit Return System. Contact your MP

If you live in Scotland, please keep up to date with the Have You Got The Bottle campaign of which MCS is a founder member. If you live in Wales, you can find out more about the Deposit system in Wales, and details of how you can contact your AM.

Click here for more Deposit Return Scheme facts

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