Sea Champion Resources

Hello Sea Champions! Below are some resources to help support your volunteering. For How to Guides, Education Resources, Important Documents and Presentations please log on to the Sea Champions Online area of the website.




Don’t Let Go Resources

Beach Clean Resources

Fundraising Resources

You can also find useful reources about marine wildlife in the - Explore and Discover section of this website.

Actions you can take

  1. Explore our fundraising resources
  2. Apply to become a Sea Champion

Did you know?…

MCS launched its Sea Champion volunteer programme in 2012 thanks to funding from M&S

MCS launched Seasearch in 2003 to train volunteer divers to record and monitor wildlife and habitats

5.4 million people spend time by, on or in the sea every year

Become a Sea Champion

Find out more about our ‘Sea Champion’ volunteers and how to join them

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