Matt Barnes - North East England

Greetings! I’m Matt and I cover the dramatic and windswept shores and towns of the North East of England. It’s an exciting time to be at the helm in this newest region supported by the Sea Champions programme. I have been a passionate conservationist of all things marine for all of my adult life and after nearly a decade of managing SCUBA diving centres around the world I went and studied environmental conservation and ecological survey techniques at University to help me cross into the marine conservation sector.

I have since managed projects with Leatherback turtles, Manta rays and most recently worked as a senior seal rehabilitator. Closer to home I worked for the RSPB in a marine role in Scotland before moving across and to the Marine Conservation Society and working as their Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager in Scotland for 5 years. The North East where I now live and roam is steeped in maritime history and the communities here are intrinsically linked to the sea. The Sea Champions initiative aims to connect people with nature and protect our shores through a diverse range of volunteer outputs from education outreach in schools, fundraising, intertidal and sub-tidal surveys through to marine litter monitoring and campaigning there is something to float everyone’s boat. I would love for you to get in touch so together we can achieve great things for our coastlines and communities!

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