Jules Agate - South West England

Hi, I’m Jules and I’m very lucky to be covering the south west England region where there are beautiful beaches, important marine sites and wonderful Sea Champions! I’m passionate about nature and very excited to be involved in MCS activities that protect and improve the marine environment, as it is so vital to the future of our entire planet. As a child, I wanted to be a marine biologist and I especially loved grey seals. On leaving school I worked as a veterinary nurse, but I did end up graduating Uni as an ecologist.

I joined the fascinating world of bat conservation, where I specialised in bioacoustics and running volunteer based projects. Since then, I’ve worked for the RSPB, the BBC and volunteered for many conservation organisations in the UK and abroad; but now I’m so pleased to be with MCS. Being outdoors experiencing nature is what I love best of all.

If you feel you have something to give to MCS in the south west, your time and talents will be really appreciated and put to great use. Your efforts will be helping to protect and enhance our seas and coasts for all the creatures that live in them, and all that depend on them - including all of us. Even if you’re not completely sure how you can help, please do contact me as there are so many fun and rewarding ways to join our team and get involved with our campaigns, beach cleans, education activities, events and much, much more….

Get in touch with Jules

E-mail: jules.agate@mcsuk.org
Mobile: 07891 319 277

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