Margaret Harrison - from Linlithgow

I am a keen birdwatcher, and sea bird watching is one of my biggest pleasures. I have become concerned that so many of our sea birds are in long term decline and was dismayed some years ago to visit a cliff site which in my childhood was alive with birds to see it practically deserted, with virtually no chicks. I am particularly pleased that the Marine Conservation Society has campaigned so vigorously to Government to establish marine protected areas around our coastline.

What are the highlights so far?

I have helped collect pledges for Marine Protected Areas on seabird cruises on the Forth, and at a Winter Fair in Edinburgh and was delighted to walk along the cliffs at St. Abb’s Head, a voluntary protected marine area, to see so many guillemots, razorbills, fulmars and kittiwakes nesting with young chicks with a large raft of perhaps 80 fulmars fishing in the water below. Imagine the life below and above the water if all our protected areas showed such productivity.

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