Karli Drinkwater - from London

To make a difference we need to work together. I became a Sea Champion to join up with others who want to protect our precious seas before the damage is irreversible. We can all make a change individually, by choosing to eat only sustainably sourced fish and to stop using plastic bags for example, but being part of a group means you can bounce ideas off each other to make an impact. Since joining the crew I have met like-minded people full of enthusiasm and it’s given me hope that we can turn things around.

What are the highlights so far?

My standout moment as a Sea Champion has to be marching in protest at Westminster. I dressed up as an orange crab and shouted for Marine Conservation Zones until my voice went hoarse; it was bags of fun and carried an important message. Surrounding yourself with others who care about marine conservation gives you the energy to fight for the health of our beaches and seas.

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