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Welcome to the Plastic Challenge Shop!

Love the sea, go plastic free!

You’ll find all sorts of products to help you complete your Plastic Challenge in our Plastic Challenge Shop. 

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At the shops...

MCS large organic jute bag £8 - all proceeds go to MCS!
MCS small organic jute bag £5 - all proceeds go to MCS!

Turtle Bag. Fair trade, organic cotton string bag. Fits in your pocket, perfect for shopping. £5.
Rapanui cotton tote bags - a wide range of designs available. £15 - 50% of proceeds go to MCS!
Cotton bread bags.  Keep your bread fresh with this plastic-free bag from BakeryBits. £4.99.
Elephant Box: Stainless steel boxes for life - great for buying meat, fish and cheese plastic-free. 



On the go...

   Brita Fill&Go Active Water Bottle. Keep hydrated on the go. £10 - all proceeds go to MCS!
   MCS KeepCup for hot drinks on the go.  £10 - all proceeds go to MCS!




In the bathroom...

Natural loofah from £2.
Coconut hair body scrub pad from £2.

Bamboo toothbrush from £3.

Earth Conscious. 100% natural deodorant. Plastic free packaging. £5.

Baby balm. A gentle and completely natural way to soothe and hydrate skin. £6.

Cotton swabs. Made from bamboo and cotton. Completely plastic free. £2.49.
Shampoo. No need for plastic bottles with this shampoo bar from Friendly Soap! £2.49.
Shaving soap. Replace your shave gel for this natural, handmade shaving soap bar from Friendly Soap. £2.49.
Traveller's 7in1 soap: mild & gentle for face, body, shaving, shampoo (for short hair), conditioner, spot stains and washing your smalls. £5.50



In the cleaning cupboard...

Pure laundry: made using pure coconut oil soap for up to 25 plastic free washes £9.50.
Refillable laundry, dish washing and home cleaning products from Use the code MCS24 to get a £5 discount on a starter box.


Feminine products...

Natracare organic cotton tampons with applicator.
Natracare organic cotton pads and panty liners.
Mooncup. Smarter sanitary protection.


In the kitchen...

Coconut hair washing up brush from £6.

Coconut hair jumbo scouring pad from £2.70.






In the office...

Pencil made from recycled CD cases. 60p!

Wooden highlighters - three colours. £5.95.

Eco paper packing tape. Totally biodegradable. £2.95.


YouBind 100 small blue paper combs. £11.95.

Sustainable beech wood desktidy. £14.95

Stackable bamboo A4 letter tray. £12.95.



Plastic-free gifts...

Handmade silver Beachcomber Jewellery

Adopt-a-Turtle from £3 per month.

Ecoffee Cup. A new generation of reusable takeaway cup, made from bamboo fibre (BPA and phthaliate free).


For the baby...

Bamboo spork from £5.

Wooden spoon from £3.

Washable baby wipes. Organic cotton baby wipes from Boobalou. £14.


Resusable nappies from Boobalou. From £6.50. 




For crafty people...

Bamboo knitting needles from £7.70.
Bamboo crochet hooks from £4.50.

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