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8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year.
Plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, but never goes away.

Seals, dolphins, turtles and orca eat plastic –
mistaking it for real food.

Toxins stick to plastics, plastics are eaten by fish and then enter the food chain.
These toxins, like PCBs, have been linked to reproductive failure in polar bears. What's it doing to us?

We're eating plastic!
Microplastics have been found in mussels, oysters and sea scallops.

Seabirds confuse small plastic pellets with fish eggs
and will often feed it to their chicks

The Plastic Challenge!

Giving up single-use plastics, whilst raising money to fight plastic litter.

A day, a week, a month - how long can you last?
1st - 30th June 2018

Wherever you are!
Be part of the community @mcsuk and #plasticchallenge

We have a vision of a world where plastics don't end up in our seas and on our beaches, where they persist and impact our marine life. Read more >>


Sea Champion Emily Smith gave up plastics for Lent in 2013 and raised over £700 for MCS. She challenged her friends and family to do the same, and so the Plastic Challenge was born.


The Plastic Challenge isn't all about living completely plastic free - in this day and age that would be pretty near impossible.

We hope Plastic Challengers will try to reduce their plastic footprint in all sorts of ways.




Ready to take up the challenge?

Download your free Plastic Challenge Pack - packed full of tips and advice from previous Plastic Challengers.

Get your free Plastic Challenge Starter Kit if you join MCS from £5 a month.

Visit the Plastic Challenge Shop for products to help you - from sanitary items to storage containers!

Join the support network. Struggling to replace a plastic item? Got some tips to share? Join the live Plastic Challenge Tip Swap, share on Facebook, and follow @mcsuk and #plasticchallenge on Twitter.

The amount of litter on our beaches is rising annually

As a charity MCS needs your help to ensure we can continue to organise beach cleans, work with industry and governments on finding solutions to the problem, and keep the issue of marine litter in the public eye.

Your fundraising through this life changing challenge is vital:

  • £400 will help us bring together experts to rethink packaging.
  • £150 can help us investigate more brands that use microplastics in their health and beauty products, and get them to stop.
  • £50 can help us promote simple changes in behaviour that make a big difference.
  • £20 could equip two MCS volunteers to survey rubbish on our beaches, influencing government policy on marine litter.
Why not host a Plastic Challenge fundraising event?

However you decide to raise funds, our fundraising team is here to support you.

Tel: 01989 566 017

Press enquiries:

Tel: 01989 561 580

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