Plastic Challenge

Can you go a month without plastic?

More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. Half of it comes from disposable plastics that are only used once before being thrown away.

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I dare to #GoPlasticFree in July

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We use single-use plastics for just about everything, from cleaning our teeth (dental floss, interdental sticks and, every 6 months or so, our toothbrushes) and showering, to buying and storing our food and other products. It is durable and lightweight, but it’s these properties that allow it to persist in the environment for hundreds to thousands of years.

The Plastic Challenge isn't all about living completely plastic-free - in this day and age that would be pretty near impossible.

We hope Plastic Challengers will try to reduce their plastic footprint in all sorts of ways

Take the challenge

Simon Reeve - plastic challenge Our planet is being poisoned by plastic. The vast amount in our oceans has become an environmental emergency as a direct result of our throwaway society. That’s why I’m supporting the Marine Conservation Society's Plastic Challenge. Don't just get depressed about plastic - stop using it!

Simon Reeve - Author and Television Presenter

Other things you can do

Tip exchange

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    Get your school involved

    Use our free downloadable resource to introduce your class or school to the environmental impacts of single-use plastics. They will reflect on their own use of plastic and ways to reduce their use as they take on the plastic challenge for a day, week or month.

    Download the schools' resources from our Coolseas Discovery Centre

    There are all sorts of activities you could do with your students at school to spread the single-use plastic message.

    You could host a single-use plastic-free:

    • school dinner
    • picnic on the playing field
    • cooking class
    • afternoon tea
    • barbecue
    • bake off
    • raffle
    • sugar scrub or lip balm making class
    Schools art project Schools art project MCS education officer showing school children types of beach litter

    Fundraise and help us go further

    Screaming because of all the plastic

    This is your chance to make a real difference

    You’re in the right place if you want to save our oceans and have lots of fun at the same time by raising money for marine conservation.

    Create a fundraising page and help our seas by getting sponsored for your plastic challenge.

    We can't promise you won't want to scream at the thought of all the plastic, but every bit you don't use will be one less bit of plastic entering the environment.

    Online giving

    Both JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving provide this service. Please sign up online and follow their simple step-by-step instructions to set up a profile.

    We’re here to help you

    Whatever you decide to do, the MCS fundraising team is here to help, so please get in touch with us at