For Kids

We’ve long been champions of engaging the younger generation in ‘ocean literacy’, because when the next generation understand the plight of the ocean they’ll be more motivated to safeguard it! Whilst we’re all at home, bringing the #OceanIndoors is a fantastic way of engaging young people in learning about the state of our seas.

Cool Seas Webinars

For the first time, our Education team will be offering live webinar sessions in addition to education tools and resources available online for groups, schools and individuals at home. Anyone can register for the webinars which will cover plastic-free living, ‘Aliens of the Deep’ and a virtual exploration of the coastline with more to come.

Cool Seas Webinars

Get Crafty

Getting creative and doing something which doesn’t involve a screen is a great way to unwind and refocus. We’ve created these fun printouts so that kids can create their very own marine animals!

You can find lots of digital resources and engaging activities for young people on the Cool Seas website

Actions you can take

  1. Visit our 'Cool Seas' education discovery centre