Armchair Activism

The Our Blue Heart project surveyed people across the UK to uncover their connection with the coast and ocean. Interestingly, 75% said they feel better just knowing that the coast and sea and all the plants and animals living there are thriving. When the ocean is protected and the natural world is supported, we get a sense of wellbeing and calm from this. Our connection with the ocean is more than just skin deep!

Whilst many of us have limited access to the coast, there are still many ways in which we can support the natural world from afar, by taking part in armchair activism and making small changes to our everyday lockdown lives.

Stop Ocean Threads


An estimated four trillion individual microfibres are lost from our clothes every year in the UK. A single wash can release over 700,000 microfibres into wastewater, many of which then end up in the ocean. MCS are working to #StopOceanThreads by petitioning for all domestic washing machines to be required, by law, to include a microfibre filter to limit the amount of microfibres entering the environment.

Show your support and sign the petition here. You can also learn about ways to limit microfibre shedding now with some responsible laundry and clothing care tips

Save Our Seagrass

Save our Seagrass

Seagrass lives underwater around the UK’s coast in shallow, sheltered areas, forming marine meadows which are highly productive ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots. Seagrass also absorbs 10% of the carbon buried in ocean sediment every year, making it a brilliant weapon in the fight to halt the warming of the planet.

But these marine meadows are being damaged, and their power to absorb carbon diminished. If you can, a donation to our appeal will help us ensure over 75 advanced moorings that will replace traditional, damaging anchoring methods and allow seagrass around the south coast of England to recover. You can learn more about seagrass and make a donation here

Take the Plastic Challenge

plastic challenge header

Every July, we challenge our supporters to see how long they can go without single-use plastic. The lockdown has posed extra challenges to living a plastic free lifestyle, but the #PlasticChallenge community are always sharing helpful hints on ways to reduce, re-use and recycle responsibly. Sign up to join this year’s challenge here

Actions you can take