We have been the voice for UK seas for over 30 years. Our Good Fish Guide is used to check the sustainability of 20% of the seafood meals served in the UK every year.

If you want to incorporate sustainability into your work and source better seafood, we can help. Whether you’re just starting out, or need to discuss more technical aspects of sourcing, our expert team can provide the tailored advice you need.

We have a history of success in championing sustainable seafood and have worked with a range of businesses and stakeholders across the seafood industry. Whether large or small, seasoned or new to sustainability, we offer a range of services to help you incorporate sustainable decision-making into your business.

Good Fish Guide

Our Good Fish Guide is one of the longest running sustainable seafood ratings systems in Europe. It’s widely respected and helps businesses deliver 750 million sustainable seafood meals every year in the UK.

It’s totally free and helps businesses large and small assess their seafood sources. However, we recognise the complexities of seafood sourcing and offer more tailored sourcing solutions for businesses off all sizes.

Sourcing Support

  • Sustainable alternatives to seafood with serious environmental concern
  • Guidance for development of decision trees and rapid assessment tools
  • Recommendations for appropriate improvement work
  • Advice on choosing certified and farmed seafood products

Bespoke assessments

As a UK based environmental charity, we prioritise and maintain seafood ratings that are of the most importance to the UK marketplace. However, we understand that new products and new markets are constantly emerging. We update our ratings twice a year to make sure we take into account the latest scientific advice and reflect new trends in dining.

However, we understand that some businesses shy away from the mainstream and prefer to source more exclusive products. If we don’t currently have a rating for a product or species you’re selling, we can undertake bespoke ratings and provide tailored sustainability advice to suit your business needs.

Policy Development

Your customers rely on you to provide them with seafood that has come from environmentally responsible sources. A transparent and robust sourcing policy helps you make and demonstrate sourcing decisions that reflect your standards and your customers’ values.

We provide free advice and policy templates, but we understand every business is different. If you need more specialised advice, we can provide policy recommendations for both farmed and wild caught seafood sources, including:

  • Alignment with government policies such as UK Government Buying Standards
  • Commitments to improve performance over time
  • Traceability protocols and testing regimes from the point-of-sale back to the source fishery or farm
  • Data collection and management to monitor and evaluate progress
  • Supplier engagement for products needing improvement
  • Discontinuation of products where there is limited potential for improvement
  • Education of employees, suppliers and customers on environmental issues
  • Advocacy for government reform of fisheries management
  • Public access to the policy and regular public updates on progress
  • Fisheries Improvement Projects
  • Brexit

Communicating commitments

We believe that raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices is key to driving ongoing improvements in fisheries and aquaculture management. We have an excellent track record of communicating sustainable seafood issues to a wide and diverse audience of over 200,000 people on a regular basis through our social media platforms.

If you’re sourcing seafood sustainably, your customers will want to know about it. We can help with communications strategies to:

  • Educate your customers about the origins and environmental issues associated with seafood production
  • Demonstrate how you are playing a role to reduce the environmental impact of seafood production
  • Expand your customer base