24 recipes

Miso marinated arctic char noodles

A light, simple, Asian dish with sweet and savoury flavours

Cooking timeReady in 60 mins


Steamed mussels with bay and chilli

Quick and delicious

Cooking timeReady in 10 mins


Rainbow trout with hazelnuts and sage

A delicate oil-rich fish with a distinctive herbaceous and sometimes earthy flavour. It makes a very good and less rich alternative to salmon. To compliment the earthy flavour of trout robust flavoured herbs including sage, basil, tarragon, bay and rosem

Cooking timeReady in 25 mins

FOTM Hake cooked in the Basque style (2).jpg

Hake Cooked in the Basque Style with Garlic and Romesco Sauce

In San Sebastian we enjoyed a simple preparation of hake split through the head and roasted over a fire. It was dressed with olive oil, vinegar and sliced dried peppers. It has encouraged us to use more vinegar in our cooking.

Cooking timeReady in 35 mins


Chargrilled Dover Sole with Spiced Butter

What can be better than a beautifully grilled, fresh Dover sole that you know has been responsibly caught off the nearest coastline?

Cooking timeReady in 12 mins

Gravad Arctic Char Nigiri

Gravad arctic char nigiri

Curing the fish takes up to a week, but it's well worth the wait!

Cooking timeReady in 90 mins

shime saba.jpg

Shime Saba- Japanese cured mackerel

This cured mackerel dish is the precursor to modern day sushi. It’s a deliciously simple, elegant dish and really makes the mackerel sing. Freshness is key here, handline caught mackerel is your best bet, but Scottish mackerel is also a good choice.

Cooking timeReady in 130 mins

trout pepper salsa.JPG

Pan-fried Cajun trout fillet with red pepper & hazelnut salsa

This light lunch/brunch dish really let's the trout sing. The tangy salsa and Cajun spice really cut through the richnessof the trout. The crispy fish skin and hazelnuts add great texture. A light, summery meal to impress your friends.

Cooking timeReady in 45 mins

steam-baked brill

Steam-Baked Brill

Steam baking a whole fish on a bed of veg. A simple and versatile method for cooking a wide array of flatfish.

Cooking timeReady in 60 mins

clams w girolles (bute st seafoodie).jpg

Clams with girolles

Comforting, earthy, garlicky goodness

Cooking timeReady in 10-15 mins

balik ekmek (bute st seafoodie).jpg

Balik Ekmek (Turkish mackerel sandwich)

An Istanbul favourite of mackerel, in a baguette with a tangy salad

Cooking timeReady in 25 mins

Pan-Fried Bream with Grilled Fennel and Black Olives (bute st seafoodie).jpg

Pan-Fried Bream with Grilled Fennel and Black Olives

A very simple and punchy dish of bream with the flavours of Provence.

Cooking timeReady in 15-20 mins

Golden Ginger Hake Curry

Golden ginger hake curry

A vibrant, zingy curry - this makes a perfect midweek meal or dinner party dish.

Cooking timeReady in 30-40 mins

mustard crusted plaice (bute st seafoodie).jpg

Mustard Crusted Plaice

Fresh breadcrumbs and grain mustard combine to create an inspired crust for plaice fillets in an otherwise classic and simple dish.

Cooking timeReady in 10-15 mins

Fiskbullar (2).jpg

Swedish Fishballs – Fiskbullar

A simple, versatile dish that works with any white fish. With two sauce options, depending on the season.

Cooking timeReady in 45-60 mins

mac & b or NK.jpg

Seared Mackerel, Charred Fennel, Blood Orange, Pomegranate Dressing

A bright, tangy mackerel dish to bring some summer colour to a grey day

Cooking timeReady in 20-30 mins

Tinned sardine and rocket salad.jpg

Tinned Sardines and Rocket Salad

An easy-to-assemble salad filled with flavours and textures. The diced cucumber and slivers of red onion lend crunch, the pomegranate seeds some fireworks. The lemony dressing provides the requisite acidic cut-through the tinned sardines love.

Cooking timeReady in 15 mins



A salad popping with red, gold and green to accompany flaky, fall-apart tinned mackerel fillets. Blanched and refreshed asparagus and a garnish of finely diced red chilli lends vibrant colour to this tinned mackerel recipe.

Cooking timeReady in 10 mins

Sardine burger.jpg

Sardine Burger

A burger, but not as we know it. The tinned sardines can stand up to the robust flavours of the sharp cheddar and onion. And the mayo and gherkins are a winner because the oily sardines love fat and acidity.

Cooking timeReady in 10 mins

Tinned tuna melt migas.jpg

Tinned Tuna Melt Migas

A beloved classic, with a twist or two. Instead of griddled, buttered bread sandwiching the tinned tuna salad, we put chewy browned migas or croutons on top, and sprinkled sharp cheese over last, before melting it under the grill.

Cooking timeReady in 15 mins



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