Aerial sea photo Ruth Troughton

We're at a crossroads with chemical regulation in the UK, with a Chemicals Strategy expected shortly.

This strategy was originally promised in 2020, as part of the UK Government's 25-year environment plan in order to tackle chemicals of national concern.

In preparation for the strategy, we've joined forces with 25 other environmental and public health non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) to propose 12 key asks for this Chemicals Strategy.

The 12 key asks:

  1. Prioritise prevention and precaution
  2. Phase out the most hazardous chemicals from consumer products for all non-essential uses
  3. Protect UK citizens and the environment from endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)
  4. Phase out the use of per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other very persistent chemicals
  5. Speed up regulation of harmful chemicals and avoid substitution by adopting a grouping approach
  6. Address the ‘cocktail effect’
  7. Maintain and expand on workers’ health and safety
  8. Ensure a clean circular economy with products that are safe by design
  9. Develop an effective monitoring and alert system
  10. Stop the continued accumulation of legacy chemicals in the environment
  11. Remain aligned with world-leading chemical regulation - EU REACH
  12. Ensure more transparency and use of all relevant science for assessing health risks

The asks cut across several areas of work by different NGO’s. These asks also link to our work on calling for an entire PFAS group ban, and our work on the circular economy where we want to ensure it's safe, sustainable and free from harmful chemicals.