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Climate, the sea and me: join us at the Youth Climate Summit

Date posted: 27 October 2020

This November, experts from the Marine Conservation Society will be sharing our love of the ocean, and all of its incredible animals and habitats, with young people at the Youth Climate Summit 2020.

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We’re gearing up to deliver a series of talks at the Youth Climate Summit from the 9th – 13th November. In what would have been the week of COP26 (The UN Climate Change Conference) in Glasgow, charity Global Action Plan - a team of teachers and youth ambassadors - have programmed a week of talks and activities for schools, home educators and teachers from around the UK. Each day of the summit focuses on different themes including nature and oceans, pollution, food and farming, fashion and consumption, with the closing day focusing on sustainable futures.

The Youth Climate Summit will be setting pledges throughout the week to inspire students and teachers to take real action for the climate. We would love for young people to join us in making their own pledges and commitments to our planet and to learn more about the positive actions we can take to help protect the seas. These pledges will be sent to the COP26 team and world leaders in 2021 to ensure that the concerns of young people are heard loud and clear.

The Let’s Go Zero campaign which unites schools across the UK in a commitment to become Carbon Zero by 2030 will be launching during the summit, so there’s plenty of exciting activities for young people to get involved in.

The Marine Conservation Society’s series of talks: Climate, the sea and me, will include the following sessions:

Monday 9th - Ocean recovery

Discover our corner of the ocean. Explore some of the fascinating ecosystems close to home. Look into how humans & the climate crisis are impacting our ocean & discuss how we can all reduce the effects of climate change.

Monday 9th – Careers in marine conservation

Are you an ocean lover? Are you interested in a career in marine conservation? Ever wondered how you could work for a charity? Hear from our staff about the variety of roles on offer from science, education, marketing and fundraising.

Tuesday 10th – Clean seas

Join us to learn how a circular economy could benefit your health, the health of our oceans and help reduce climate change.

Wednesday 11th – Responsible fishing

90% of world’s fish stocks are over-exploited from fishing. Coupled with pressure from climate change & pollution, we are moving into dangerous waters. Hear how using our good fish guide can change your diet to using more sustainable practices.

Thursday 12th – Cosmetics, clothing and the ocean

We will look at how fast fashion and the cosmetics industry are having devastating effects on our marine environment & how our actions can help reduce this pollution.

Friday 13th – Changing policy for good

New policy works best when there is community support, brought about by taking a ‘bottom-up’ approach. Explore how you can get involved shaping policy on issues such as Marine Protected Areas.

It has never been more important to inspire young voices to speak up about our environment. A sustainable future is possible, with genuine and meaningful change well within our grasp. Encouraging young people to feel confident in speaking up and showing that individuals can make a positive difference.

If you’re interested in joining this event take a look at the timetable and register online. We hope to see you (virtually) there!

Youth Climate Summit

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