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Why sustainable seafood matters to Alexandra Dudley

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Evie Martin, Media Relations Manager

4 Oct 2021

Find out what sustainable seafood Alexandra Dudley loves to cook, and tuck into her delicious fish curry recipe, perfect for entertaining.

We teamed up with food columnist, cookbook author and podcaster, Alexandra Dudley, to create a delicious sustainable seafood dinner. Below Alexandra answers some of our questions and explains why ocean-friendly cooking is important to her, and what seafood she likes to cook with.

Why is sustainable seafood important to you?

I think that all of us have to do our bit to live sustainably. In the past few years I have made even more of an effort to make the best choices that I can.


Alexandra Dudley, food columnist, cookbook author and podcaster

Credit: Alexandra Dudley

When it comes to food there is so much joy that eating seasonally and sustainably brings too. The taste far outweighs that which has been flown miles and grown and caught purely in the interest of supply and sale.

Fish especially, tastes so much better when it hasn’t travelled so far. Choosing to eat more sustainable varieties of fish often means you’re supporting local fishermen too. Not only is it better for your conscience but it makes for a far more delicious supper.

I think that all of us have to do our bit to live sustainably. In the past few years I have made even more of an effort to make the best choices that I can.

Alexandra Dudley

What’s your favourite seafood to cook with?

This is a hard one as I love cooking fish. I think I like shellfish the most. I love the versatility of British scallops, mussels and crab.

A few weeks ago I cooked a supper of baked scallops with a chilli and ginger butter, saffron coconut mussels and crab tacos with a lime and pea cream.

Shellfish is a great one to really hold flavours but I love cooking white fish too. I do love a good piece of hake or turbot for a weekend lunch.

Try something different this week

Alexandra created a delicious Golden Ginger Hake Curry recipe for an event to promote the Good Fish Guide across social media, the tasty treat takes only 40 minutes to cook and we promise that you'll enjoy the results.

The recipe is just one of a whole library of sustainable seafood recipes you can browse and enjoy via our Sustainable seafood recipes pages - why not try something new today, safe in the knowledge you're making the best seafood choices for the ocean.

Golden Ginger Hake Curry

Try Alexandra's Golden Ginger Hake Curry

Credit: Alexandra Dudley

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Why we love European Hake

European Hake is now green rated on the Good Fish Guide, but in the early 2000s stocks of the fish were at an all-time low. With high catches and very little management, European hake was a red-rated Fish to Avoid.

Recognising this, catch limits and a Fishery Improvement Project were brought in. Not only have stocks now recovered, but hake fisheries have improved their environmental credentials by swapping bottom towed nets for static nets with ‘pingers’, to deter porpoises from the area, helping to reduce the risk of accidental bycatch.

Hake makes a great swap for other firm white fish such as cod or haddock and can easily be swapped for the in recipes.

Check out the Good Fish Guide to browse online or download the Guide and find the best sustainable swaps for you.

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