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Support UK fishers and buy local seafood

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It's never been more important to support local, responsible fishers and suppliers.

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80% of the fish caught by the UK’s fishing fleet is exported, mainly to Europe and Asia. However, as the pandemic forces the closure of the export and import markets, UK fishers are left with huge volumes of seafood which can often be overlooked.

Fish and shellfish – such as hake, langoustines, crab, whiting and lemon sole – are frequently exported, with the demand for the same species in the UK market being much lower. In the UK, we tend to prefer the ‘Big Five’ species: cod, haddock, tuna, salmon and prawns, but most of this comes from overseas. The UK imports two-thirds of the seafood we consume. The Marine Conservation Society is urging UK seafood lovers to think locally and sustainably when shopping for seafood.

Jack Clarke, Sustainable Seafood Advocate at the Marine Conservation Society says: “It’s so important that we support the UK’s fishers at this crucial time when their livelihoods are at risk. The seafood caught around the UK is world-renowned, it graces Michelin-starred tables across the continent, yet rarely reaches our tables at home. Many suppliers to restaurants which have been forced to close their doors are pivoting, and offering consumers restaurant-grade seafood at reasonable prices. Purchasing local, sustainably caught seafood is a fantastic way of supporting small businesses and reducing your food’s carbon footprint alongside the chance to try something new.”

With such an array of sustainably caught seafood options available on our doorsteps, why not trade in traditional tuna, cod or prawns for something locally caught and equally delicious? The added bonus is that you can reduce food miles in the process.

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