The world's toughest row to stop the plastic tide

Date posted: 19 March 2018

An all female trio of novice rowers will take on the world’s toughest row to challenge our everyday use of plastic.

Trio Rowing

We believe that tackling the plastic pollution crisis starts with the individual. We hope to bridge the gap between awareness and action by inspiring everyday changes that add up when we make those changes together

Status Row

Novice rowers Caroline Wilson, Jess Rego and Susan Ronaldson, have challenged themselves to take on a grueling 3,000 mile row from the Canaries to Antigua in support of the Marine Conservation Society’s Clean Seas programme.

Competing in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, starting in December 2018, they’ll row day and night for 50 days - battling 40ft waves, sleep deprivation and salt sores - to reach the finish line. In doing so they are aiming to set the world record as the fastest female trio to row unsupported across the Atlantic.

The trio are aiming to not only prove that ordinary people can do extraordinary things (they are office workers not athletes!) but are aiming to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans. Over 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans each year, killing thousands of whales, birds, turtles and other marine animals and raising questions about the safety of our seafood.

The trio are supporting our Clean Seas programme which aims to ensure our seas are cleaner. As part of the programme we track the health of our seas, identify key sources of pollution and develop innovative solutions for preventing and cleaning it up. As the leading marine charity in the UK, the trio chose to support us due to the impact the charity has had in inspiring individuals, businesses and government to make changes.

Caroline, a web developer living in Hackney London, is a keen runner and cyclist. Hoping to tread lightly on the earth, Caroline believes challenging her own and others attitudes towards waste and over consumption is key to making a positive change for the world’s big blue.

For Jess, from the tiny island of Bermuda, the ocean, and particularly the Atlantic, has always been an important presence in her life. Jess strongly believes that small, everyday changes add up and that cutting our single use plastic habit will help turn back the plastic tide.

Susan is taking on this challenge inspired by the idea that life is precious and wanting to make every day count. Raised in a nautical family in Essex, Susan is drawn to the sea and passionately believes in preserving our beautiful blue planet.

The team hope that each pull of an oar results in one less piece of plastic waste littering our blue planet, one more person taking on the plastic challenge – a cleaner and healthier ocean fit for life.

Check out their web page to see how you can support them.

Actions you can take

  1. Explore our fundraising resources
  2. Help us stop the plastic tide
  3. Download the Great British Beach Clean Report 2019

Did you know?…

On UK beaches levels of litter have doubled in the past 20 years

Over time, one plastic bottle bobbing along in the ocean can break down in to hundreds of tiny plastic pieces

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