Millions of recycled bottles to be turned into mattresses

By: Clare Fischer
Date posted: 31 May 2018

MCS has announced a new partnership today with British bedmaker Silentnight. The company has launched what it’s calling a ‘groundbreaking sustainability agenda’ which will prevent 105 million plastic bottles from going into oceans and landfill thanks to an eco-friendly mattress made from recycled bottles.

Recycling existing material into mattresses is another solution to the growing waste problem, and we’re delighted to partner with Silentnight.

Sandy Luk,
MCS Chief Executive Officer

Each of the new mattresses uses Eco Comfort fibres™ manufactured from 150 plastic bottles. During the manufacturing process, the bottles are crushed and spun into a fibre to form a breathable and sustainable comfort layer. Silentnight is the first UK bed manufacturer to pioneer a mattress filling made from recycled plastic bottles.

Sandy Luk, MCS Chief Executive says: “Here at MCS, we want to see a reduction in the number of single-use plastic bottles in circulation. That means ensuring that we avoid using them as much as possible. Recycling existing material into mattresses is another solution to the growing waste problem, and we’re delighted to partner with Silentnight. Funds received will contribute to our work to protect the marine environment.”

The Eco Comfort mattress range was developed following extensive research, trials and testing by Silentnight’s product innovations team. The Eco Comfort fibre™ is just one of many groundbreaking steps the brand is taking in a bid to become more sustainable.

Steve Freeman, Managing Director of Silentnight, said: “Programmes such as Blue Planet are showing us the true cost plastic waste has on the environment. Footage of marine life living amongst plastic waste is extremely hard-hitting and difficult to watch.

“The world needs to change the way it deals with waste, and at Silentnight we are committed to doing our bit to lead the way, particularly with sustainability and recyclability.

“Sustainability has been ingrained within the business for a long time, but we are constantly researching new recycling technologies and investing in more ways to re-use recyclable materials.

“Our eco range has proven to be a huge hit since its release. Both sustainable and extremely comfortable, the mattresses give customers two reasons to sleep soundly at night.

“In the past year alone, we have prevented 105 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or the sea - this is enough plastic bottles that if laid end to end it would stretch from London to the South Pole and back again, and we are incredibly proud to be making a difference.

“We have also developed a new programme to improve the fuel efficiency and route planning in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.”

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