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Raising the ocean's profile at the Restore Nature Now Rally

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We attended the Restore Nature Now rally in London on Saturday 22 June, with our colourful tapestry and placards successfully raising the ocean's profile in nature discussions.

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.

In many ways, this widely photographed tapestry carried by staff and supporters of the Marine Conservation Society during Saturday's huge Restore Nature Now March in Central London said it all.

RNN march banner

Credit: Irene Cantizano

The tapestry was proudly carried by our staff and members of the Youth Ocean Network from Park Lane in Central London to Parliament Square at the rally's 'water block', where charities came together to campaign for measures to stop ocean, wetland and river pollution.

It reflects our determination to ensure that marine welfare is not just an afterthought in the general election hustings, but plays a central part in any conservation debate.

The tapestry won national attention by featuring on the Getty images website and drew much admiration from fellow conservation marchers.

So too did our widely photographed placards – reflecting our central election campaign themes of restoring our ocean by turning the tide on pollution, investing in the sea and reviving marine life.

The team effort behind the placards cannot be understated. Brilliantly designed by our Brand and Creative Manager Emlyn Miles, they were transported at short notice from our Wales office across central London in time for the march.

Our colourful turnout at the procession – attended by an estimated 80,000 conservation protesters – performed spectacularly on social media, with Irene Cantizano’s video on Twitter reaching more than 25,000 people and more than 1.3k likes.

The placards themselves were the subject of many enquiries both during and after the march.

“I was carrying some home on my local train after the demonstration and at least four people approached to ask me where I’d been and why,” said our Director of Finances, Huw Davies.

“It gave me a great opportunity to explain first-hand what we’re about and highlight the importance of ensuring our seas are not forgotten.”

RNN march - Huw placard

Credit: Irene Cantizano

A massive thank you to all of our supporters who came out to march the streets of London with us, urging political leaders to remember our seas and recognise the value of our ocean.

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