The government’s last chance to #FixOurFisheries

By: Victoria Riglen
Date posted: 8 October 2020

Next Tuesday (13th October) the Fisheries Bill returns to the House of Commons for the final time. This is the government’s last chance to #FixOurFisheries.

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Just one change would make all the difference. We’re urging government to commit to recovering critically low fish stocks. Please click here to read the official Greener UK Briefing.

A commitment to sustainable fisheries management must be enshrined in the Bill. This amendment already has significant cross-party support from the House of Lords alongside 22 major retailers and seafood providers. An effective, sustainable Fisheries Bill would benefit not just our ocean, but the communities and individuals who rely on it economically.

We want you to take direct action on social media before the Bill returns to the House of Commons next Tuesday.

Please click here to retweet our message and tag your local MP.

If you don’t use Twitter you can send the text in an email. You can find out who your local MP is here:

“Boris Johnson’s government stripped the #FisheriesBill of criteria that would make sustainability matter. It’s our last chance to tell @HouseofCommons to put them back in.

Please RT & tag your MP along with Minister @VictoriaPrentis to tell them we need to #FixOurFisheries”

The Fisheries Bill enters its final stages within the wider context of the UK’s struggling seas. Over a third of assessed UK fish stocks are being fished above sustainable levels and several stocks are badly depleted, including stocks of cod, whiting and herring. Quotas are consistently being set above scientifically recommended levels, preventing the opportunity for populations to recover. Fishing simply should not and cannot continue at this rate, or there is a risk that some species could disappear from UK waters for good.

Sandy Luk, our Chief Executive said: “The government must not be distracted into making ambitious, but - in real terms – meaningless, long-term promises at this stage of the Fisheries Bill. We must act now if we are to have an impact on the health of our seas and fish stocks. Environmental sustainability must be central to how we manage fisheries – now, and in the future - to restore critically low numbers of fish populations across the UK.

“It’s time for the government to focus and finally fix our fisheries by enshrining robust sustainability goals in law and committing to recovering our depleted fish stocks.”

Actions you can take