Take action for Falmouth Bay!

Richard Harrington By: Richard Harrington
Date posted: 28 September 2016

Help us keep this wondrous underwater world safe.

Help us keep this wondrous underwater world safe. Will you join over 2000 people who have so far added their name to the Save Fal Bay campaign? We’ve partnered with Friends of the Earth to launch this campaign in opposition to plans to destroy parts of the Fal and Helford Special Area of Conservation (SAC). Awarded protected status over a decade ago for its exceptional biodiversity, the Fal and Helford SAC contains magnificent rocky seaweed habitats, stunning spotted rays, flashy fish and other spectacular sea creatures. Yet proposals to gouge a channel through this special place, primarily to allow cruise ship access, have taken a step forward. The Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) is seeking pre-application advice from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) - the licensing body. The MMO will give its advice any day now. But, so far, they’ve only consulted some select stakeholders - despite a new report commissioned by us, which provides damning evidence of the impacts of these plans. Just like nature reserves on land, this Special Area of Conservation has been given protected status to keep it safe. We cannot let this be jeopardised. Join us in urging the MMO to keep Falmouth’s seas safe. Add your name today.

Actions you can take

  1. Report your wildlife sightings
  2. Browse Marine Protected Areas

Did you know?…

Over half a million people have voiced their support for ‘marine protected area’ designation in the UK through our campaigns

Over 170 parliamentarians from across the political spectrum signed up to our Marine Charter calling for a network of ‘marine protected areas’ in UK Seas