Brexit and our seas June 2017

Richard Harrington By: Richard Harrington
Date posted: 8 June 2017

Brexit as a whole will be enormously complicated. Laws and measures related to fisheries and environment are complex areas in themselves.

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For fisheries, we are clear on the absolute need for effective legislation and fisheries agreements. Europe’s environment laws must be enshrined in UK law, and kept strong. We are collaborating with several partners to define what Brexit will mean for our seas, and to devise the best course of action to ensure that these are achieved.

Before the recent election, we made our recommendations clear with this letter, sent to all major UK political parties shortly after the snap election was called.

This letter was sent to Defra ministers on the 20th July 2017 following publication of intentions for the Repeal Bill

Together with the letter, we provided parties with details of the Greener UK manifesto, which we support alongside many partner charities. This adds the weight of a huge constituency of supporters who are as keen as we are to tackle today’s environmental threats and to keep laws to protect nature strong.

We are calling on the governments of the UK and devolved nations to:

Actions you can take

  1. Write to your MP to 'Save the laws'

Did you know?…

It’s estimated that one rubbish truck load of plastic litter enters the ocean every minute

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is thought to be 6 times the size of the UK

Every day millions of microplastics enter the sea from personal care products such as scrubs and toothpastes

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