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12 Oct 2022

Chemical pollution's animal impacts

There are now proven links between harmful chemicals and the health of animals, including impacting their nervous systems, immunity and ability to reproduce, reducing their resilience to other stressors like climate change and disease. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sunset Paul Garnett

11 Oct 2022

Analysis: the Retained EU Law Bill

Recent announcements by the UK Government pose a threat to the health of our climate, land, sea, and by extension, to our own health and wellbeing too. Marine Conservation Society CEO, Sandy Luk, analyses the Retained EU Law Bill and its impacts on the environment, ocean and us.

Boat leaving Hastings harbour Peter Richardson

5 Oct 2022

Good Fish Guide ratings update: The importance of data

Our October update to the Good Fish Guide highlights just how important strong data and regulations are for making seafood ocean friendly.

Aerial photo over Isle of Lewis Michael Grant

30 Sep 2022

Ocean suffers in UK Government's Plan for Growth

The UK Government's recently announced 'Plan for Growth' puts our planet in danger.

Ocean waves foam birdseye view Sergey Bogomyako

30 Sep 2022

Positive ocean news: September 2022 edition

From the release of turtle hatchlings to removing litter from UK beaches, we’ve rounded up some top positive ocean news stories from September to celebrate the wins for our seas.

Atlantic College Project Week 3 - Ffion Mitchell

14 Sep 2022

Delivering outdoor learning with Atlantic College

We teamed up with teaching staff at United World College of the Atlantic to deliver one of their annual Project Weeks

Respectful hero image for HM Queen

9 Sep 2022

Marking the loss of Her Majesty The Queen

As a mark of respect following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, some events will be cancelled or postponed.

Lego lost at sea

6 Sep 2022

Adrift: The legacy of Lego lost at sea

On 13th February 1997, a huge storm near the coast of Cornwall pushed sixty-two containers off the cargo ship Tokio Express. One was filled with nearly five million pieces of Lego, many of which were marine themed. The spill changed one woman’s life forever.

Veta Wade 2

1 Sep 2022

From interviewee to Marine Ecologist

While working on a Marine Turtle Action Plan for Monsterrat, we met Veta Wade, an ocean conservationist from this small volcanic island. Having seen Veta's passion, drive, and love of the ocean and marine conservation, we built a working relationship and

Ocean waves foam birdseye view Sergey Bogomyako

26 Aug 2022

Positive ocean news: August Edition

From a rare sea slug sighting in Scilly to a whale rescue in Shetland, we've rounded up the most positive ocean news stories from August. Enjoy!

Sewer pipe dumping water into sea

18 Aug 2022

Sewage in the sea: A raw deal

Sewage is polluting our ocean and our beaches. Coastal communities and marine protected areas deserve better.

Waves at sea level Thierry Meier

16 Aug 2022

Unsigned = unprotected: UN High Seas Treaty

After four failed attempts, world leaders are meeting for a fifth time since 2018 to try to pass the UN High Seas Treaty. We need leaders to act now, for the future of our ocean and planet.

Houses of Parliament Luxstorm

15 Aug 2022

Green credentials of the next Prime Minister

Boris Johnson’s resignation on the 7th July 2022 triggered a Conservative leadership race to become the new Prime Minister. But just how green are the credentials of his potential successor?

Lundy Island

11 Aug 2022

Lundy: A pioneering Marine Protected Area

The Marine Protected Area around the island of Lundy in the outer Bristol Channel is 50 years old this year. In our summer members magazine, Robert Irving, a long-time participant in the management of the Lundy MPA, looks at what makes Lundy special.

Beach clean flag

10 Aug 2022

Learn how to run a beach clean

We’re running free online training webinars that take you through everything you need to know to set up and carry out a Marine Conservation Society beach clean and litter survey.

Sunfish - Mark Harris

9 Aug 2022

Mola mola, so good to see

In the summer edition of Marine Conservation Society's members magazine, Ocean Ambassador Tom ‘The Blowfish’ Hird wrote a fascinating piece about the ocean sunfish. Dive into his article to find out all about the mola mola.

Puffin coming into land Skomer Wales John Archer-Thompson

2 Aug 2022

Beaches and bird flu

Unfortunately, a bird flu (avian influenza) outbreak is affecting seabirds and other birds in the UK right now. If you’re heading to the beach this summer and see a sick or dead bird, here’s what to do.

Kelp, Orkney, Scotland. Alison Moore

28 Jul 2022

What we can learn from seaweed

From dabberlocks to bladder wrack and sugar kelp to thongweed, there are over 650 species of seaweed found around the UK. Each plays a vital role in supporting the health of our ocean and planet, and can tell us vital information about the effects of climate change – but how?

blue jellyfish A Pearson.jpg

26 Jul 2022

Jellyfish: Helpful hero, not stinging villain

Jellyfish often get bad press for their stinging sensibilities. But they’re actually remarkable creatures which not only benefit our seas, but the wider environment, too.

Fucoid seaweed Georgie Bull

26 Jul 2022

The power and potential of seaweed

Seaweed is something we almost always encounter when down by the coast. But what is it used for apart from a salty snack, spa treatments and sushi? We’re sharing some lesser-known uses of seaweed to show just how versatile it is.

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