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Sea Bass shoal Georgie Bull

7 Oct 2020

Good Fish Guide winter 2020 ratings update

Dolphin bycatch in the Bay of Biscay impacts seabass ratings in the Good Fish Guide

Cigarette butts on beach Larina Marina

1 Oct 2020

Call to ban single-use plastic cigarette filters

Environment and health organisations call on the Scottish Government to ban single-use plastic cigarette filters – no ifs, no butts!

Snakelocks Anemone on Seagrass Georgie Bull

20 Sep 2020

Seagrass in a pandemic

We were invited aboard the yacht of one of our volunteers, Chris Cooling. We ventured to a southern English seagrass bed to plan a monitoring project.

nathan roberts malaysia.jpg

5 Aug 2020

Sea Champion attends conference in Malaysia

Sea Champion, Nathan, shares with us his experience of attending a conference in Malaysia on 'Plastic Solutions'.

Mediterranean gulls flying in the sky with a barrel jellyfish underwater Costa Brava Spain Damsea

5 Aug 2020

New quiz in time for jellyfish season

The Marine Conservation Society is calling on beachgoers to report jellyfish sightings.

Blue Shark off Cornwall England Mark Kirkland

23 Jul 2020

Microplastics found inside UK sharks

A new report released this week shows clear evidence of microplastics and synthetic materials making their way into the digestive systems of UK sharks.

Shallow waters in summertime in the Hebrides on the West coast of Scotland Joost Van Uffelen

20 Jul 2020

The Big Seaweed Search: helping out during lockdown

We really appreciate all the help our volunteers can give us. This year has been a bit different, but there are still plenty of ways to support our work.

Microfibres under a microscope Imogen Napper

16 Jul 2020

A simple solution to microfibre pollution

A study has revealed that filters fitted inside washing machines can reduce the amount of plastic microfibres released into wastewater by almost 80%.

Beach huts on Cromer Beach Randomir Rezny

18 Jun 2020

Public asked to #KeepItClean at the beach

Beaches, parks and public spaces are suffering a scourge of litter and single-use plastic

Plastic bottle on the shoreline Canetti

14 May 2020

Scotland votes for Deposit Return Scheme

After years of campaigning, the Scottish Parliament voted through the final piece of legislation needed to put Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme into place.

Dog walkers on Watergate Bay beach Paul Nash

17 Apr 2020

'Our Blue Heart' reveals power of the ocean

We explored the well-being benefits of spending time by the coast and how a deeper connection to the ocean affects our mental and physical health.

Seabream at fishmarket

6 Apr 2020

Support UK fishers and buy local seafood

It's never been more important to support local, responsible fishers and suppliers.

Sunset on Hastings Beach Ben Clayton

30 Mar 2020

Beach cleans: "It's not just about plastic"

With the UK in lockdown, getting out and about is difficult. Here's how our volunteers are contributing, while looking after their wellbeing.


24 Feb 2020

How I became a marine biologist

Charlotte Bolton, our Seasearch Co-ordinator, describes her "long and winding path to becoming an amateur squidge geek!"

Chemical beakers in lab Hans Reniers

10 Feb 2020

Ban 'forever chemicals' PFAS

A steady stream of PFAS chemicals is causing irreversible damage to our ocean.

Can left on the beach Luke Manley

28 Nov 2019

Great British Beach Clean results 2019

Thanks to our volunteers, almost 11 tonnes of litter was cleared from the UK’s coastline in just one weekend.

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