Medway Estuary

Site overview: This area is an inshore site located on the Kent coast, and is made up of the Medway Estuary from Rochester extending out to sea to include an area between Sheerness and the Isle of Grain. A total area of 60 km2 is protected. The mix of fresh and sea waters found here alongside the tidal movement of the sea create changing levels of salinity and nutrients. This creates a fertile environment for many types of fish and birds. Many species of bass, herring, cod, plaice and sole use the area as a nursery ground.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Marine Conservation Zone
MPA Purpose
to protect nationally important marine wildlife, habitats, geology and geomorphology


51° 24' 59" North,
0° 39' 18" East

Surface Area

59.95 km2
(23.15 mi.2 )


655.87 km
(407.54 mi.)

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