Outer Thames Estuary

Site overview: This site has been established to protect the red-throated divers, common terns and little terns that live here. An extension to this site is currently being considered that would mean more protection for the areas where these birds feed.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Special Protection Area
MPA Purpose
areas of the most important habitat for rare (listed on Annex I to the Directive) and migratory birds within the European Union


51° 55' 1" North,
1° 32' 46" East

Surface Area

3,795.72 km2
(1,465.54 mi.2 )

Iconic features protected by this site


  • Marine areas, Sea inlets


  • Red-throated diver (Gavia stellata) (Annex I (species))