Anton Dohrn Seamount

Site overview: This site is to the west of Scotland, about 200km from the Outer Hebrides in the Rockall Trough, a deep water channel in the north-east Atlantic. The seamount is a former volcano, roughly circular in shape, and was last active 40 to 70 million years ago. The site contains a series of bedrock, stony and biogenic reefs which are home to sea cucumbers, brittlestars, cup corals and sponges.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Site of Community Importance
MPA Purpose
Sites which have been adopted by the EC, but not yet formally designated by governments of Member States are known as Sites of Community Importance (SCIs)


57° 26' 40" North,
11° 3' 47" West

Surface Area

1,429.34 km2
(551.87 mi.2 )


306.15 km
(190.23 mi.)

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  • Reefs
  • Reefs (Annex I habitat)