Pobie Bank Reef

Site overview: This is a stony reef that provides a home to lots of sponges and bryozoans, which are found throughout the site. In the shallowest areas, the bedrock and boulders support encrusting algae, and cup sponges In the deepest areas, below 100m. The bedrock is home to sponges, cup corals and brittlestars.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Site of Community Importance
MPA Purpose
Sites which have been adopted by the EC, but not yet formally designated by governments of Member States are known as Sites of Community Importance (SCIs)


60° 31' 47" North,
0° 17' 35" West

Surface Area

966.08 km2
(373.01 mi.2 )


190.72 km
(118.51 mi.)

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