North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef

Site overview: The sandbanks here are home to communities of invertebrates such as polychaete worms, crabs and starfish. The reefs found in this site are made from thousands of fragile sand-tubes made by ross worms, which have consolidated together to create a solid reef. In 2003, this Saturn reef covered an area approximately 750m by 500m.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Site of Community Importance
MPA Purpose
Sites which have been adopted by the EC, but not yet formally designated by governments of Member States are known as Sites of Community Importance (SCIs)


53° 22' 29" North,
2° 7' 15" East

Surface Area

3,606.10 km2
(1,392.32 mi.2 )


289.77 km
(180.06 mi.)

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  • Reefs
  • Subtidal sandbanks (Sandbanks which are slightly covered by sea water all the time)
  • Reefs (Annex I habitat)
  • Sandbanks which are slightly covered by sea water all the time (Annex I habitat)