Yell Sound Coast

Site overview: This site has been designated to protect the European otters that live here. The otters that live on Shetland are actually different from those which live on the mainland. Within Shetland, the Yell Sound area has the highest density of otters. Harbour seals also live here. The rocky shores and uninhabited islands and skerries support a colony of over 1% of the UK population.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Special Area of Conservation
MPA Purpose
areas which have been identified as best representing the range and variety within the European Union of habitats and (non-bird) species listed on Annexes I and II to the Directive


60° 27' 45" North,
1° 11' 13" West

Surface Area

15.47 km2
(5.97 mi.2 )


89.58 km
(55.66 mi.)

Iconic features protected by this site


  • Common seal (Phoca vitulina)
  • Otter (Lutra lutra)