Kenfig/ Cynffig SAC

Status: Designated


Site overview

This is a fairly small site, although is still home to a wide variety of animals and habitats. Kenfig contains one of the largest series of dune slacks in Wales. These are low lying areas within larger dunes, and are species-rich. Notably, the fen orchid grows here and is one of the reasons this site was selected for protection. 

MPA Type

Special Area of Conservation

Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) are strictly protected sites designated under European legislation. They contribute both to the UK MPA network and set up to protect habitat types and species considered to be most in need of conservation at a European level (excluding birds).

Designation date

1 June 1995

Surface Area

11.91 km2 (4.60 mi.2)


29.82 km (18.53 mi.)

  • Atlantic salt meadows (Glauco-Puccinellietalia maritimae)

    Areas with specially adapted plants found in the upper reaches of saltmarshes that are not always reached by the tide. The habitat is used for grazing, but is also very important for birds.

Did you know?…

Over 170 parliamentarians from across the political spectrum signed up to our Marine Charter calling for a network of ‘marine protected areas’ in UK Seas

To the shelf limits, Scotland has 61% of UK waters, of which 23% are now in existing or new ‘marine protected areas’

Over 500,000 records on undersea habitats and species have been collected by volunteer Seasearch divers providing significant evidence for inshore ‘marine protected areas’