Site overview: Though it is a small geographical area, the habitat contained within is critical and relatively rare in Northern Irish waters. This site is being designated to protect what is probably the largest meadow of seagrass in Northern Ireland. Seagrass is really important as its long roots help to stabilise the seabed. It also helps in the fight against climate change as they can store carbon 35 times faster than rainforests. Seagrass beds are also important nursery areas for young fish. The seagrass here is in good condition with a rich associated community of plants and animals.
At risk:  ! This site is not yet designated as a Marine Conservation Zone, which is a type of Marine Protected Area, but it should be. The government launched a consultation into this site, along with three others and are currently reviewing the responses. We urge them to designate this area as quickly as possible.

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Marine Conservation Zone in Northern Ireland
MPA Purpose


55° 3' 41" North,
6° 2' 28" West

Surface Area

0.37 km2
(0.14 mi.2 )

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