Site overview: Skomer was the first Marine Conservation Zone to be created in Wales - and it remains the only one! This protected site includes the waters around the island of Skomer and the Marloes Peninsula in south west Wales. It is an absolutely spectacular place for birds including guillemots, razorbills, manx shearwaters and puffins! You often see the seabirds soaring up to the cliffs - and swimming in the waters below. Seals and large areas of brightly coloured marine plants also live beneath the turquoise waves. The waters around Skomer are so special that they are also within the Skokholm and Skomer Special Protection Area and the Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation!

Designation Status
Last Updated
6 June 2017
MPA Type
Marine Conservation Zone in Wales
MPA Purpose


51° 43' 59" North,
5° 16' 6" West

Surface Area

13.24 km2
(5.11 mi.2 )

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